Friday, December 28, 2007

Hours over the weekend/New Year

Just thought I'd better remind everyone of the hours over the weekend and next week as I'm not here on Monday.

Saturday 29th Dec - normal hours
Sunday 30th Dec - all branches are closed
Monday 31st Dec - Yarra Junction, Montrose and Healesville are closed. All other branches open from 10am-3pm
Tuesday 1st Jan - all branches are closed.

View the branch Christmas/New Year opening hours.

If you need to renew your items, make sure you know your PIN number for your library card. You can find this out by contacting library staff on 1300 737 277 during opening hours. You can also apply to receive a PIN via email.

Return items while we are closed through the bookchutes. All branches except Croydon have after hours bookchutes.

If you have any library related issues while the libraries are closed, please fill out our contact form. We will get in touch with you and try to resolve the issue as soon as we are back at work (Wednesday 2nd January).

Have a great New Year and stay safe.

Cheers, Maryanne
aka webgurl

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Branches are open

All branches except Mt Evelyn are open today until 5:30pm (Mt Evelyn is always closed on a Thursday). Our mobile libraries are off the road until Monday 7th January (Valley Mobile) and Tuesday 8th January (Knox and Ranges Mobiles).

View the library opening hours for Christmas/New Year period.

Hope you had a lovely break.

Cheers, Maryanne

Friday, December 21, 2007

Reminder of the Christmas hours

Everyone's so busy this time of year it's often easy to forget a thing like a library book but here's a few tips to make sure you get your items back on time or renewed over the Christmas break.
  1. View the branch Christmas opening hours. Note that all libraries and mobiles are closed this year on Christmas eve.
  2. Make sure you know your PIN number for your library card. You can find this out by contacting library staff on 1300 737 277 during opening hours. You can also apply to receive a PIN via email. It's best to fill out the PIN application today while staff are at work and monitoring the emails coming in.
  3. Return items while we are closed through the bookchutes. All branches except Croydon have after hours bookchutes. Staff will be emptying the bookchutes over the Christmas break to prevent any overflow.
  4. If you have any library related issues while the libraries are closed, please fill out our contact form. We will get in touch with you and try to resolve the issue as soon as we are back at work (Thursday 27th December).
Have a wonderful Christmas break and stay safe on the roads.

Cheers, Maryanne

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ringwood Library closed due to flooding

Ringwood library have lost power and have had a small flooding so they have closed for the rest of today.

Items may be returned to one of our other branches or renewed (online if you have your PIN or by phone if not). Renewals can now be made on 1300 737 277.

Cheers, Maryanne

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Valley Mobile update

Unfortunately the Valley Mobile will be off the road for the rest of this week, due to a brake problem. As the mobile library was closing down for the Christmas/New Year holiday it won't be back on the road until Monday 7th January 2008.

Items can be returned at any of our branches if you can travel to one. Otherwise if you have your PIN you can renew your items online. To receive a PIN via email, please fill out the PIN application form.

Branch hours and contact details.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

Cheers, Maryanne

One number for renewals, holds

Eastern Regional libraries now has one number that you can ring to place holds, renew your items or book PCs etc within library opening hours.

1300 737 277

From the auto attendant options you can choose to listen to the opening hours, or be put through to a branch in the City of Knox, City of Maroondah, the Shire of Yarra Ranges or Administration.

Cheers, Maryanne

Valley Mobille off the road

The Valley Mobile will be off the road today due to maintenance. At present it will not be at Chum Creek or Dixon's Creek. I will advise if this will extend to the entire day.

Items can be returned to any branch or you can contact the library on 1300 737 277 to renew.

Cheers, Maryanne

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Eastern Regional Library show

Library staff member Lesley Conway runs a radio show each Wednesday 12:05pm-12:45pm on Eastern FM 98.1 called The Eastern Regional Library Show. Tune in next Wednesday for a great show.

On last Wednesday's show (December 12)

Soothing sounds are very welcome at this time of the year, either to help cope with the excessive heat or as an antidote to the frenetic shopping. So today I played tracks from several CD's in the ERL collection which I have found especially relaxing and enjoyable.
Chandelier of Stars is an album by country singer John Williamson which came out a little over a year ago and has some lovely melodies and reflective lyrics. If you like your carols very English and very beautiful, Essential Carols of King's College Choir is a double CD overflowing with delights. I played one of my favourites, 'I saw three ships' today, but I could have played any and enjoyed them. The last CD was Contemplation : the serene harmonies of the harp, which to my mind is perfect for the long and gentle dusk of a summer evening, chatting and sipping a cool glass of something delicious. Don't forget too that we have played some tracks from Harry Connick Jr's CD My heart finds Christmas, which is lots of fun.

There were two new books which I brought along to the show today which serve a generous dose of nostalgia. The first is Visions of the Victorian Railways : a photgraphic tribute from 1854 to 1980 by Gerald A. Dee, which is full of fascinating photos of old locomotives, railyards and long ago Melbourne. The second is Sitcoms : the 101 greatest TV comedies of all time. Now as this is an American publication, English and Australian series don't rate a mention. The one failing aside, it is is a great read. Well presented, not too big to handle, and jam packed with interesting tit bits about shows, actors and directors. From I love Lucy and The Honeymooners in the 1950's to recent favourites such as Friends and The Simpsons, this book is full of background and gossip, and heaps of great photos.

---- Lesley

Friday, December 14, 2007

Update on the Valley Mobile timetable

Well hopefully this will be the last change to the timetable :-) - apologies for any confusion.

Wonga Park

Eastern Regional Libraries, providing library services in partnership with Manningham City Council welcomes back the Wonga Park mobile library site from Wednesday 9th January 2008 3-5:30pm.

The Wonga Park site is located on Launders Avenue, Wonga Park (located in the car park of the hall area, Melways Ref 24 G11).

Mt Dandenong

The Valley Mobile will now visit the Mt Dandenong mobile library site on Mondays 1:30-5pm, starting Monday 7th January 2008.

The Mt Dandenong site is located on the Mt. Dandenong Tourist Rd, in the car park in front of Kate Kelly's restaurant Melways Ref 66 H5.

Cheers, Maryanne

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas activities in our branches

I thought November came and went quickly but December is going by like an express train. However, you can still catch the following Christmas activities in our branches.

Afterschool Christmas Craft activities

Rowville Library
Thurs. 13th Dec 4pm
Glittering Christmas Decorations to put on your tree at home

Tues. 18th Dec 4pm
Perfect Christmas Cards to give to your family and friends

Yarra Junction Library

Thurs. 13th Dec 4:15pm

Recycle your old christmas cards to make a beautiful christmas decoration ages 9 to adult. Children any younger are welcome but they will need an adult for each child as the construction is a little tricky.

Mooroolbark Library
Wed. 19th Dec 4pm
Make lovely Christmas decorations to hang on the Christmas tree. Primary School age

Christmas Carols with St. Joseph's school choir

Yarra Junction Library
Fri. 14th Dec. 1:30pm

An enchanted Christmas evening

Ringwood Library
Wed. 19th Dec. 6:30 pm

Christmas family storytime, with a special visit from Sophie, Santa's Fairy Helper. Christmas cookies and a drink for the children. Children can wear their pyjamas.

Cheers, Maryanne

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Valley Mobile timetable changes

The following temporary changes have been made to the Valley Mobile timetable.

The Valley Mobile will no longer visit the Wonga Park site. The mobile will visit Mt Dandenong on Wednesday afternoon at 3-5:30pm and will be closed on Saturday mornings.

Cheers, Maryanne

NOTE: Please view the latest update regarding these changes to the timetable

Monday, December 10, 2007

Book Bites - Meet Ellie Nielsen

Ellie Nielsen fell in love with Paris, so in love that she felt the need to own a little piece of it for herself. She had two weeks and a French phrase book to realise her dream. Chosen as a Women’s Weekly Great Read Buying a Piece of Paris is for everyone who ever had a dream of Paris, and who loves a good book.

Ellie studied acting at the Victorian College of the Arts, where she played a tap-dancing Sir John Kerr in the musical The Golden Years of Gough, and Olive in Ray Lawler’s Summer of the Seventeenth Doll, before graduating to a very small role in the television series Prisoner. In the 1990s she worked at the Playbox Theatre Company as a publicist, curator, and script assessor. After the birth of her son she started writing and dreaming. Buying a Piece of Paris is the result.

When: Wednesday 12th December 12:30pm
Where: Croydon Library, Civic Square, Croydon
Cost: $7.50 includes lunch

Bookings essential 9294 5640

Still some more places left so book now!

Cheers, Maryanne

Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Eastern Regional Library Show

Library staff member Lesley Conway runs a radio show each Wednesday 12:05pm-12:45pm on Eastern FM 98.1 called The Eastern Regional Library Show. Tune in next Wednesday for a great show.

On Wednesday's show

It's hard to believe that a good detective novel author has slipped under Lyn Baines' radar, but so it is! Today she brought along Missing by Cath Sinclair who has written for TV as well as novels. Her main character is a private investigator, Sal Kilkenny, who lives in the English Midlands city of Manchester, and spends a lot of her time tracing missing persons. The novels tell you a lot about what is happening in Sal's own life too, and makes for relaxed and intriguing reading.

An interesting non-fiction book which has just arrived, titled Can any mother help me? by Jenna Bailey is about British women who supported each other for decades by producing a private magazine. They wrote letters about the trials and tribulations of their lives, received advice back from others, and wrote articles about a wide range of subjects. The important thing was that the magazine was just for the women, it was not shared with the family, and many children of these women who were interviewed for the book said that they were wildly curious about their mother's 'secret' reading.

If you are a self-confessed Helen Mirren fan, as Lyn is, you will enjoy her autobiography In the frame : my life in words and pictures. There are wonderful photos of her grandfather's Russian family, and many personal photos from fim set and theatres. I first came across Helen Mirren in the fim Gosford Park, but as Lyn pointed out, she has a huge body of work behind her, including the TV series Prime Suspect and Elizabeth I, and is the only actor to have played both Queen Elizabeths, having recently filmed
The Queen, about Elizabeth II. All these movies and series are held in the ERL collection.

Finally, if you are in the mood for a good ghost story, The man in the picture by Susan Hill should fit the bill. Lyn says this author is capable of some truly eerie writing, and that this slim novel is ideal for an evening alone(with candlelight, and possible ominous rolls of thunder in the background).

---- Lesley

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Website unavailable at 3pm

Our network is going down from 3pm today (in two minutes) so the website will be unavailable at that time.

Hopefully it will only be down for 10 minutes.

You will still be able to access the catalogue using the following link:

Cheers, Maryanne

Friday, November 30, 2007

Yes this is still the Eastern Regional Libraries blog

Well I'm sure you did a double-take when you loaded this page. The What's New blog has had a major makeover. It's part of the new branding for the website including the new logo designed by our graphic artist.

This is the first stage. I'll be uploading the new website soon. Just tweaking a few things. I'll also be advertising some new blogs including the Reader's Corner Reviews. Once I get the new website up and running we'll allow our website visitors to submit reviews so we can add to the blog.

So, what do you think so far?

Cheers, Maryanne

Thursday, November 29, 2007

New address for catalogue

The iBistro catalogue has been moved to a new server and there has a new address. The website has been updated with the new address.

Please update your Bookmarks or Favorites with the new catalogue address:

We've also had a few enquiries concerning the removal of the position in the queue feature in the catalogue. We are part of a consortium and the position in the holds queue showed your position in the entire consortium queue, rather than just Eastern Regional Libraries. This caused a lot of confusion. You might have seen that you were 80th in the queue for a particular book, but in reality you were 5th in the ERL queue. As a result we have turned off this feature. You can find out your position by contact library staff in person, over the phone or through the website.

Cheers, Maryanne

Friday, November 23, 2007

Planning for a Secure Future

Join us for this free seminar presented by the Law Institute of Victoria including:
  • What you should consider when making a will?

  • What is a power of attorney and do you need to make one?

  • What kind of retirement and aged care accommodation is available ?

  • What financial planning issues do you need to consider ?
When: Thursday, 6th December 11am
Ringwood Library , 4 Melbourne St. Mall, Ringwood
Bookings 98700177

Cheers, Maryanne

The Eastern Regional Library Show

Library staff member Lesley Conway runs a radio show each Wednesday 12:05pm-12:45pm on Eastern FM 98.1 called The Eastern Regional Library Show. Tune in next Wednesday for a great show.

On Wednesday's show

Now don't panic, but it is only four and a half weeks to Christmas. You may share the opinions of Grumpy Old Men and Grumpy Old Women and feel inclined to say 'bah humbug'. If you have enjoyed the TV series of the Old Grumpies, then you might enjoy Grumpy Old Women at Christmas and Grumpy Old Men at Christmas on dvd.

On the other hand, if you look forward to stirring the sixpences into the Christmas pudding, then don't hesitate to browse your library shelves. Lyn Baines described last week how she enjoys cooking Delia Smith's cake and pudding from Delia Smith's Christmas, and today I delved inside the book to discover a wonderful range of delicious food described in very clear recipes which would inspire even the tired and harrassed cook, including vegetarian recipes which would be very helpful in my family, canapes and nibbles, supper dishes and leftovers, and more.

Finally, to get you in the mood, don't forget the Christmas music. We played a very New York martini bar version of Sleigh Ride from When my heart finds Christmas by Harry Connick Jr.

Oh, I must not forget that we played a track from a new Carly Simon CD Into White which is full of lovely versions of old favourites such as Blackbird, You are my sunshine, and Scarborough Fair.


We've just received another couple of recordings of the radio show. We're editing it at present and I'll upload it next week to Twango and add it to the sidebar.

Cheers, webgurl

Interruption to catalogue service

The postponed maintenance on the catalogue server will be taking place this Sunday 25th November from 5:30 -7:30 pm. Therefore the iBistro catalogue will be unavailable during these hours.

We apologise for any inconvenience. You can renew your library items once the catalogue comes back up on Sunday evening. If you have any problems get in contact with us through the contact form on the website or contact your local branch by phone on Monday.

Cheers, Maryanne

Giant Book Sale

While the books themselves aren't giant, this book sale is. Come along to Croydon Library between December 1st and 23rd to grab a bargain as Croydon Library sell ex-library and donated books.

There's a huge variety of non-fiction, fiction and children's books. Prices are hardcover 50 cents, paperback 20 cents, as well as specially marked prices on some stock.

When: Saturday 1st December - Sunday 23rd December
Where: Croydon Library, Civic Square, Croydon
Ph: 9294 5640

Cheers, Maryanne

Friday @ Your Library - Cup Cakes with Jennifer Graham

Come along and be tempted with one of Jennifer's beautiful cup cakes and learn the secrets of her success.

When: Friday 30th November 12noon
Where: Knox Library 425 Burwood Highway Wantirna South Ph: 9801 1422

Tea / coffee provided

Cheers, Maryanne

Best Travel Destinations in Australia

Want to travel but don't know where to? Come along to this free session with a consultant from Grand City Travel and Tour Company who will show some of the best travel destinations in Australia. Talk in Mandarin and Cantonese at Knox library.

When: Saturday 24th November 2pm - 4pm
Where: Knox Library, 425 Burwood Highway, Wantirna South Ph: 9801 1422

Bookings essential.

Cheers, Maryanne

Rowville bookclubs

Rowville Library hold regular bookclubs for kids and teens throughout the year.

Teenage Book Chat

Third Wednesday of every month 4pm

Come along to chat about a book you have read and borrow the newest young adult fiction books, music CDs and magazines.

Ready Steady Read Bookclub

First Wednesday of every month 4pm

Where: Rowville Library, Stud Park Shopping Centre, Stud Road, Rowville
Ph: 9294 1300

Cheers, Maryanne

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Website redesign

I've been busy here at work for the last four months or so redesigning the website. Our graphic artist has redesigned the Eastern Regional Libraries logo and we have branded the new site with the logo. I'm finishing the final pages and testing, tweaking etc so it should be online by the end of November.

While I was doing this I took the opportunity to change a few things and add some more features. Some of the features you can expect include:

A wiki for Online Information links
A wiki is a website that anyone can edit, just like Wikipedia. We'll be setting this up in stages. I have transferred the current content to the wiki and will be registering library staff to add to the wiki. From the 1st January I'll open it up for members of the public to register. I hope to get some schools interested too.

Within the wiki will be The Knowledge Centre, an area containing tutorials about using the library resources to find information and promotion of our online encyclopedias and other resources and Ask-a-Librarian.

Reader's Corner reviews
I've expanded the Reader's Corner Staff Picks. It is now a blog called Reader's Corner reviews and includes staff and member reviews. Where possible the reviews will include book covers and a link to the title in the library catalogue as well as in NoveList.

We've just started offering podcasts of The Eastern Regional Library Show. We will be adding more shows and hopefully videoing author visits etc and offering those on the blog as well.

Bright catalogue login box
The login area of the catalogue will be highly visible in the top right-hand corner of the website and is included on the Family History, Local History and Reader's Corner sites.

Favourite author/subject notification
Many of you have been saving your favourite authors and subjects through the catalogue. Once I've uploaded the new site, I'll be organising the reports to run so that you are notified via email when a new title by that author or on that subject arrives. You will need to have your email address on your membership record.

We'll keep offering great content including excellent online resources for students. We'll keep building the Reader's Corner area to help you find top reads.

I'll keep you posted regarding the new site.

Cheers, Maryanne
aka webgurl

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Knox Mobile update

The Knox Mobile will be off the road for the rest of the day, Wednesday 21st November, due to unforeseen circumstances. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Items can be renewed or returned to any of our branches.

Cheers, Maryanne

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Eastern Regional Library Show

Library staff member Lesley Conway runs a radio show each Wednesday 12:05pm-12:45pm on Eastern FM 98.1 called The Eastern Regional Library Show. Tune in next Wednesday for a great show.

On Wednesday's show

Lazy summer reading time is just around the corner for some of us, and Lyn Baines has done some preliminary research during a short holiday. A common requirement is for a light read, entertaining and engrossing, not too demanding. Two books which satisfy the criteria are Losing ground by Catherine Aird and Name to a face by Robert Goddard. Goddard's books are full of twists and turns, and always a surprise ending, while Aird falls into the English village 'cosy crime' category.

For non-fiction readers, an interesting autobiography is Brenda Niall's Life Class. Niall has written two biographies on the artistic Boyd family, and the second half of this book is about the difficulties and pleasures of researching biography. There is also some background on how she got to know the Boyd family and gathered the resources to document a significant Australian artistic heritage. Other titles by Niall are The Boyds : a family biography, Martin Boyd: a life, Georgiana: a biography of Georgiana McCrae, Judy Cassab: a portrait, Seven little billabongs: the world of Ethel Turner.

And if you have not had enough biography after that, Lyn and I both recommend Inga Clendinnon's Tiger's eye, and an interesting article of hers about writing biography at

Last but not least, Lyn urges everyone to make haste and whip up the Christmas cake and pudding if you have not already done so. Lyn swears by the recipes from Delia Smith's Delia Smith's Christmas, but there is a huge range on our shelves for both recipes and Christmas activities. Two I found at Lilydale this week which are excellent are Paul Levy's The feast of Christmas : origins, traditions and recipes, and Festive Graphics : the art and design of self promotion by Scott Witham, which has some very classy suggestions for greeting cards, packaging, labels and more.

---- Lesley

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Update to Sunday's catalogue interruption

The maintenance on the catalogue server has been postponed so the catalogue will available on Sunday.

Cheers, Maryanne

Event cancellations

Unfortunately we have had to cancel the following events:

Meet Andrew Cooper - Mt Evelyn on Friday 16th November
Writer's in Restaurants - Craig Sherborne - Rose Cottage on Sunday 18th November

Cheers, Maryanne

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Interruption to catalogue service

Due to some maintenance on the catalogue server the iBistro catalogue will be unavailable on Sunday 18th November from 5:30-7:30 pm.

Cheers, Maryanne

Thursday, November 08, 2007

National Storywriting Competition winners

Thanks to everyone who submitted entries and James Phelan for judging them. Congratulations to the following:

Winners & Commended

Open Section

Jeannie Haughton, Drouin
This is where they stood

Vicki Thornton, The Patch

Janet Wilson, Montrose
In my backyard


Jason Cotter, Langwarrin - Bloodbirds
Graham Lacey, Richmond - Boys night out
Cheryl Bennett, Upwey - Nirvana Interruptus
Cally Jetson, Upper Ferntree Gully - The Sketch
Clancy Tucker, Eildon - The Long Paddock
Julie Hopper, Bendigo - Joey’s Drought
Emily Storey, Belgrave - Changes

Local Award

Deidre Oliver, Upwey
Chair for One

Special Encouragement Award

Amy McDonald, Mornington
Yarn for Alma Rose

Teenage Section

Rebecca, Ringwood East

Anna, Bellerive,Tas.

Monika, St Georges, SA
Never Again


Morgan, Emerald - The Dress Collector
Laura, Thornton, NSW - Stargazing
Grace, Rowville - Moira May Jump
Lauren, Warranwood - Hate Hurts
Nicole, Rowville - A Disgusting beautiful kind of thing
Monique, Blackburn - The Wren
Olivia, Mt Eliza - Addiction
Monika, St Georges SA - When the Fighting Begins

Junior Section

Thomas, Kalorama
My Brother the Bum Wart

Melissa, Rowville
A Strange Day in July

Abbey, Knoxfield
Flying Free


Maeghan, Belgrave - Touch the Sky
Sue, Balwyn - The Treasure Hunt
Joseph, Mont Albert - Just Another Monday
Hannah, Kardinya WA - The Blitz Raid
Stephanie, Hoddles Creek - Ln’t a story of Love and Loss
Erika, Kardinya WA - On Board with Columbus
Allison, Croydon - The Beginning of William Tongue: Boy Warrior

The Presentation Night is on Thursday 15th November 7pm at Belgrave Library. Poet Tricia Sykes will be reading extracts from the winning entries, and guitarist Geoff Penny will be providing some music. Coffee and cake will be served.

Cheers, Maryanne

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Storywriting update

Well we have the winning stories and all but one of the winners has been contacted by phone. All I can tell you is that the person is an adult and is a winner of the 20th Anniversary Encouragement Award. Make sure your phones are charged and turned on as we endeavour to contact the last person, maybe it's you!

I hope to be able to officially announce the winners very soon.

Cheers, Maryanne

Christmas Hours

I've just uploaded the Christmas and New Year hours for our library branches. Please note that our branches will be closed on Monday 24th December.

View the Christmas/New Year hours (pdf, 95Kb, 1page, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

I'll upload the mobile library hours as soon as these are finalised.

Cheers, Maryanne

Croydon Library closed this Sunday

Eastern Regional Libraries has been notified that Croydon Library will need to be CLOSED on Sunday 11th November (this Sunday) due to power/cabling work at the new Croydon pool.

Cheers, Maryanne

Gideon Haigh Literary Lunch

For our final lunch of the year we take pleasure in presenting writer, journalist and commentator Gideon Haigh.

Familiar to viewers of the ABC Offsiders show and listeners to Jon Faine's Conversation Hour on 774, as an entertaining and informed commentator,Gideon is a writer of great versatility. He has written many books on sport, especially his great passion cricket, and on business topics. His book The Asbestos House: the Secret History of James Hardie Industries won the NSW Premier's Literary Award Gleebooks Prize 2007 and the Blake Dawson Waldron Business Book of the Year. Winner of the John Curtin Prize for Journalism in the Victorian Premier's Awards 2006, Gideon's latest book Ashes 2006-7: the Return Match was published in September 2007.

When: Thursday 29th November 12:30 pm
Where: Belgrave Library, Reynolds Lane, Belgrave
Cost: $7.50 includes lunch

Bookings essential phone 97547266

Cheers, Maryanne

Meet Andrew Cooper

Andrew Cooper is passionate about the environment, and his latest Little Things diary for 2008 will be released in early September. Packed with hints for the home, garden and business this book is a must-have.

'It's got a sustainability tip for every day of the year; everyone should get a look at this.' - Peter Garrett

When: Friday 16th November 1:30pm
Where: Mt Evelyn Library, 50 Wray Cr, Mt Evelyn

Bookings essential phone 97363851
Copies of Andrew's book will be available for sales and signing.

The Little Things website

Cheers, Maryanne

Friday, November 02, 2007

Melbourne Cup Day - Libraries closed

All Eastern Regional Libraries branches and mobiles will be closed on Tuesday 6th November 2007 for Melbourne Cup Day.

Items may be renewed online if you have your library card number (userID) and PIN. If you need to apply for your PIN you can do so on our PIN application form. With the public holiday it might take us a little longer to work our way through the PIN requests and website feedbacks that have come in over the weekend.

Items may be returned through the bookchute at our branches (except Croydon Library which does not have a bookchute operating). CDs should ideally be returned when the library is open because the cases are easily broken when returned through the bookchute.

Have an enjoyable Melbourne Cup day everyone. If you're looking for something to do this weekend check out That's Melbourne and CitySearch. For anyone going to The Cup, check out the official Melbourne Cup site and book early.

Cheers, Maryanne

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Storywriting competition update

At present we're still waiting to find out the winners of the Storywriting competition. Once we do this the winners will be phoned and then an announcement will be placed on the blog.

The presentation evening is organised for Thursday 15th November at Belgrave Library.

Cheers, Maryanne

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Writers in Restaurants - Craig Sherborne

Senior journalist with the Herald-Sun, Craig Sherborne is also an author, playwright and poet. Winner of the Wal Cherry Award for best play of the year in 2004, his book Hoi Polloi was shortlisted for both the Victorian and Queensland Premier's Award. The launch of the second part his biographical trilogy Muck was a feature at the recent Melbourne Writers' Festival.

When: Sunday 18th November 10:30 am
Where: Rose Cottage, Monbulk
Cost: $20 (includes brunch)

Brunch Menu
Bacon & Eggs with Spinach and Grilled Tomato served with a Warm Croissant
Homemade slices and scones to share
Tea, Coffee and Fruit Juice

Bookings essential phone 9298 8455 or your local branch.

Cheers, Maryanne

Liz Porter talk cancelled

Unfortunately, due to a lack of numbers, the Liz Porter talk on Forensics (Thursday night at Ringwood) has been cancelled.

Cheers, Maryanne

Digital photography : from camera to pc

Ron Cork, president of the Knox Photographic Society, will give a talk on:

  • camera selection
  • differences between compacts and SLRs
  • value of pixels
  • composition of photos
  • what to do when you get them on your PC.

These talks book out so quickly so book now.

When: Thursday 15th November 7pm
Where: Rowville Library, Stud Park Shopping Centre, Stud Road, Rowville
Bookings phone 9294 1300

Cheers, Maryanne

Christmas Cooking with Jill Hess

For our last cookery club meeting for the year, Jill is returning to demonstrate some wonderful Christmas cooking.
(in a Homer Simpson voice)
Hmm.....Christmas pudding.

Monday 19th November 12:30pm
Where: Mt Evelyn Library, 50 Wray Crescent, Mt. Evelyn
Bookings phone 97363851

Cheers, Maryanne

Garden recycling

Nicole from Envirocon will be giving a demonstration of composting and worm farming. Very topical!

When: Wednesday 14th November 2pm
Where: Healesville Library, 231 Maroondah Highway, Healesville
Bookings on 59624423
Free Talk
Light refreshments provided

Cheers, Maryanne

Reading Cafe - Meet Sharyn Munro

Sharyn Munro is a freelance writer as well as an award-winning short story writer and regularly contributes non-fiction pieces to ABC Radio National’s Bush Telegraph program. She is a mother of two, grandmother of seven and is also a late-blooming environmental activist.

She lives in a solar-powered mudbrick cabin on her mountain wildlife refuge in the New South Wales Hunter Valley and is regenerating her property’s vegetation at a pace dictated by ageing knees.

Her first book, The Woman on the Mountain, has just been released by Exisle Publishing.

When: Monday 12th November 12:30pm
Where: Lilydale Library, Anderson Street, Lilydale
Ph: 9294 3120
Cost: $7.50 Bookings essential

Cheers, Maryanne

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Librarians

Well the publicity for the new show The Librarians has been floating around our tea rooms for months now and we've been eagerly waiting to find out when it starts.

One of our regular blog readers has contacted the library to remind me that the first episode is Wednesday 9:30pm on the ABC (right after The Chasers).

For those who aren't aware, The Librarians is a comedy/drama set in a fictional public library. Head Librarian Frances O'Brien is forced to employ her ex best friend Christine (who's out on bail for drug trafficking) as a Children's Librarian.

Libraries can be crazy places at times so this should be a hoot. Check it out!

Cheers, Maryanne

p.s. thanks to the member that let me know about this

Liz Porter - Forensics talk

Do you love watching CSI and want to hear some stories of the real thing? Liz Porter, author of Written on the Skin will discuss this Thursday at Ringwood how pathologists, chemists, entomologists, DNA specialists and document examiners have used their expertise in solving dozens of crimes and mysteries.

We need a few more bookings for this talk to go ahead, so don't hold back. Book now!

When: Thursday 1st November 7pm
Where: Ringwood Library, 4 Melbourne Street Mall, Ringwood
Bookings phone 98700177.

Cheers, webgurl

Knox Library is turning 30!

Knox Library is celebrating 30 wonderful years and you're invited to join us for morning tea and enjoy the music of Zanthii Blue.

When: Thursday 8th November 10:30am
Where: Knox Library, Knox City Shopping Centre, Burwood Highway, Wantirna Sth.

RSVP Knox 9801 1422 by Monday 5th November.

Cheers, webgurl

Friday, October 26, 2007

Getting Dressed with Jane

From her head to her toes, from her chemise to her hose, Lise Rodgers recreates the world of Jane Austen through costume.

Join us for champagne and nibbles in the garden, and a delicious evening with Lise and Jane!

When: Friday 9th November 7:30pm
Where: Miller’s Homestead, Cnr Melrose Crt and Dorrigo Dve, The Basin
Cost: $10.00
Bookings essential phone 98011422 or your local Eastern Regional Libraries branch.

Book now as there are only a few spaces left.

Cheers, Maryanne

Crime Night - Meet Liz Porter author of Written on the Skin

At the very heart of forensics is the knowledge that although people may lie, evidence doesn’t, and the way in which forensic investigators use their expertise to solve these puzzles makes for compelling viewing and reading.

Prolific journalist and award winning author Liz Porter, has pieced together a riveting case book on how forensic investigators – including pathologists, chemists, entomologists, DNA specialists and document examiners – have used their expertise in solving dozens of crimes and mysteries.

When: Thursday 1st November 7pm
Where: Ringwood Library, 4 Ringwood Street Mall, Ringwood
Free event Bookings essential. Ph: 9870 0177

Books available for sales and signing

Cheers, Maryanne

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mobile Changes

Due to changes in the Valley Mobile timetable, services to the Wonga Park Mobile Library site will cease from Wednesday 14th November 2007. Library users are being directed to:

Eastern Regional Libraries Corporation
Lilydale Library, Ringwood Library and Croydon Library

Whitehorse Manningham Regional Library Corporation
Warrandyte Library and The Pines East Doncaster.
(Wonga Park is zoned to the City of Manningham).

From Monday 19th November 2007, the Mt Dandenong Mobile Library site will be visited on a Wednesday 3-5:30pm (previously Saturday morning).

Cheers, Maryanne

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Booker Prize

The winner of the Booker Prize is...........

The Gathering by Anne Enright

The Booker Prize is awarded annually for the best original fiction book of the year. In The Gathering Veronica comes to terms with her brother's suicide and recalls her life growing up with him and the abuse which she believes led him to this point.

We've just bought some copies recently so start placing your holds now.

Have you read The Gathering? What are your thoughts? Comment away!

Cheers, Maryanne

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Friday @ your Library - Melbourne Cup Fashions

Come along and see Ann Dixon's beautiful collection of vintage clothes.

When: Friday 26th October 12noon
Where: Knox Library, 425 Burwood Highway, Wantirna South

Tea / coffee provided

Bookings essential phone 9801 1422

Cheers, Maryanne

Literary Lunch - Ann Cliff

Ann Cliff is that most rare of authors, a writer of English family sagas who lives in Australia. A journalist, she commenced writing non fiction books and articles, before publishing her first fiction book Moorland Lass in 2006.

Ann lives in Gippsland, where she and her husband breed Angus cattle, but retains strong connections to her home in Ripon Yorkshire where her brother still works the family farm.

Her second novel, Bitter Inheritance was published by Robert Hale in February 2007.

When: Thursday 25th October 12:30pm
Where: Belgrave Library, Reynolds Lane, Belgrave
Cost: $7.50 includes lunch

Bookings essential phone 9754 7266

Cheers, Maryanne

Crabapple Cupcake Afternoon Tea

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Join Jennifer Graham from the Crabapple Cupcake Bakery for this very special afternoon tea, and support breast cancer research. I don't think I've ever had a crabapple cupcake but it sounds interesting and it's for a great cause.

When: Tuesday 23rd October 1:30pm
Where: Ferntree Gully Library, 1010 Burwood Hwy, Ferntree Gully
Cost: $3.00

Bookings essential phone 9294 8140

Cheers, Maryanne

Friday, October 12, 2007

Childlike, Like Minds

The Victorian Writers Centre just contacted me to advertise a seminar they are having. If you're an aspiring children's author you won't want to miss this.

Meet writers Paul Collins, Deirdre Kessler and Sally Rippin as they you guide you through the fantasy and reality world of children’s writing. The writers will discuss how they entered this realm of genre writing and provide insight into current trends, along with tips to new and emerging writers.

For further information and author bios – visit our website –

When: Friday 2nd November, 6:30-8pm
Where: VWC space – 1st Floor, Nicholas building, 37 Swanston st, Melbourne, 3000
Cost: Non-member $25 VWC Members $15/$12 VWC conc.

Bookings: 9654 9068

Cheers, Maryanne

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Eastern Regional Library Show

Library staff member Lesley Conway runs a radio show each Wednesday 12:05pm-12:45pm on Eastern FM 98.1 called The Eastern Regional Library Show. Tune in next Wednesday for a great show.

On Wednesday's show

For all you readers who want something 'real', there is a lot on the shelf in the non-fiction collection, to find it? We often send you to the Biography collection which in most of our libraries is a separate collection, but there are a lot more personal experiences which come in diary or letter form, or are about the writers work or travel experience and which are not in with Biography.

If you know that the number system on the books indicates the subject of the book, then you know if you browse from 900 to 920 you will find books about travel, including travel writers reminiscences and personal stories. If you would like a bit more detail though, our branches have subject lists available which give you the number to look for on the shelf for a topic of interest. Our staff are always happy to advise and assist too, so don't hesitate to ask if you would like to read about formula 1 racing car drivers, or mountaineers, or philosophers.

Some books which I found on the shelf this week include Between a rock and a hard place by Aron Ralston. Most people would remember the newspaper reports about this young man who found himself pinned by the arm while rock climbing alone, and who had to amputate his arm to survive. He writes fluently and with a lot of background detail, quite engrossing. Another great read is Seabiscuit by Laura Hillenbrand, which was made into a very successful movie. It is a story of 3 men who took an unlikely horse and created a winner which caught the imagination of the US in the same way that Phar Lap did here in Australia. There is wonderful background on the world of horse racing in the 1930's, and some larger than life characters. If you like reading about the world of movie making, a truly entertaining book is With Nails by Richard E. Grant, who documents 10 years of his life as he progresses from being an unknown actor from Swaziland to partying with the stars in Hollywood.

Even fiction can give some autobiography in fictional form such as Mystic River by Norman MacLean and Snobs by Julian Fellows. Last but not least, there is some wonderful listening on audiotape and audiodisc, one of my all time favourites being Gerald Durrell's writing about his travels to collect animals for his zoo. Today I played an excerpt from Encounters with animals, and recommend also his The stationary ark, Overloaded ark, The Bafut Beagles, How to shoot an amateur naturalist, and A zoo in my luggage.


I love real stories as well. Gerald Durrell is fantastic. I love My Family and other animals, a book he wrote about his childhood. I was also fascinated reading Jon Krakauer's Into Thin Air, a story about the 1996 Everest expedition that ended in tragedy. Jon was a member of the expedition. Another of his books is Into the Wild, the true story of Christopher McCandless, a young man from who, after his college graduation, donated all of his money to charity, changed his name and began travelling the American West. It has been made into a movie that is coming to cinemas soon.

Cheers, Maryanne

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Join Our Pink Party - Breast cancer - debunking the Myths

  • Myth 1 - A blow to the breast causes Breast Cancer
  • Myth 2 - Women wearing deodorant are at an increased risk of developing breast cancer
  • Myth 3 - Ill fitting bras cause breast cancer
Be in the pink and enjoy the fun and information with Breast Screen Victoria

When: Tuesday 23rd Oct 1:15-3pm
Where: Yarra Junction Library, Hoddle Street, Yarra Junction

Cheers, Maryanne

Keeping chooks in your backyard

Not just fresh eggs, but a real part of the eco system, chooks make a wonderful addition to the garden environment. Judy Witney, Secretary of the Victorian Rare and New Breeds Society will introduce you to the pleasures of poultry. Meet Judy and her feathered friends. Awww cute and no I don't want to clean up after the activity.

When: Friday 19th October 11am
Where: Mt Evelyn Library, 50 Wray Crescent, Mt. Evelyn
Bookings essential phone 9736 3851

Cheers, Maryanne

Vikki Leng "vibrant veggies"

If you love your veggies you won't want to miss this talk by Vikki Leng. Vikki has had a varied career working with food, as a food stylist, cooking presenter, event manager and author of 14 books. An advocate for healthy eating Vikki has worked with Deakin University's Food and Nutrition Program and with the Cancer Council of Victoria. Join Vikki as she shares her passion for fresh seasonal produce and demonstrates how vegetarian cooking can be versatile and imaginative.

When: Thursday 18th October 7pm
Where: Rowville Library, Stud Park Shopping Centre, Stud Road, Rowville
Ph: 9294 1300

Cheers, Maryanne


Ray Boatman from The Herb Society of Victoria will talk about various herbs, especially the culinary herbs.

When: Thursday 18th October 1:30pm
Where: Boronia Library, Park Crescent, Boronia

Enquiries and bookings97624099

Combined event of Boronia Library & The Basin/Boronia Sustainable Living Group

Finger Food for Crowds

Food is popular! The Finger Foods for crowds talk at Lilydale library is fully booked. If you wish to be put on the waiting list please contact Lilydale library on 9294 3120.

Jill Hess will be demonstrating how to prepare food for weddings, 21st birthdays etc on a budget.

Cheers, Maryanne

Mental health talk cancelled

The mental health talk scheduled for Ringwood on Wednesday 10th October has been cancelled. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Cheers, Maryanne

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Teen hat or fascinator design cancelled

Due to lack of numbers we have had to cancel the Ringwood teen activity Hat or Fascinator Design.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

Cheers, Maryanne

Affordable Weddings

Meet Ruth, a local wedding celebrant, for tips on planning your ceremony without breaking your budget.

When: Saturday 13th October 1pm
Where: Lilydale Library, Anderson Street, Lilydale

Bookings phone 9294 3120

Cheers, Maryanne

Pasta - A Cook's Kitchen event

Ever wanted to make your own pasta but not sure where to start? Grace Molluso will take you through the steps to creating your own delicious pasta. Hmmmmm.......fresh pasta.

When: Thursday 11th October 1:30 pm
Where: Healesville Library, 231 Maroondah Highway, Healesville

Bookings phone 5962 4423

Cheers, Maryanne

Mental Health: What do you know?

Expand your awareness and knowledge of mental health in Australia. You are invited to attend a talk to be given by Jim Goodin, Vice President, Mental Health Foundation of Australia (Vic).

When: Wednesday 10th October 11am
Where: Ringwood Library, 4 Melbourne Street Mall, Ringwood

Bookings phone 9870 0177
Refreshments provided

Cheers, Maryanne

Sally Hammond visit cancelled

Unfortunately I have to advise that we have cancelled the Sally Hammond writers in restaurants visit on Sunday 6th October. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Cheers, Maryanne

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Book Bites - Meet Rosalie Ham

Rosalie Ham worked at a number of jobs before writing her first novel, The Dressmaker in 2000. The book received critical acclaim and was a VCE Literature text for 2006. Rosalie completed her second novel Summer at Mount Hope in 2005.

When: Wednesday 10th October 12:30pm
Where: Croydon Library, Civic Square, Croydon
Cost: $7.50 includes lunch.

Bookings esssential phone 9294 5640
Books available for sales and signing.

Cheers, Maryanne

Kevin Heinze garden visit

Take a tour around the garden gifted to the Shire, with Montrose's "Living Legend", Mr Kevin Heinze.

Check out this Gardening Australia Fact Sheet on Kevin with a quick glimpse of his garden.

When: Tuesday 9th October 1:30pm (Meet at Montrose Library at 1:15pm)
Where: Montrose Library, Corner Mt. Dandenong Tourist Road & Swansea Road Montrose

Bookings essential 9728 4224

Cheers, Maryanne

12th Yarra Junction Library Bird Walk

Join Ken Simpson, our amazing bird man for a walk along the Warburton Trail from the old Seville Railway Station to the old Killara Railway Station and back. Meet at the old Seville Railway Station, Station Rd. Seville. Melways map 119 K8. Turn at the Seville round-about and follow the road.

Bring binoculars if you have them and a flask of hot water. Morning tea provided. Ken will distribute a bird list of what we hope to see.

It's really, really early so it's unlikely I'll be there but it sounds like a fantastic morning. I hope the trail is buzzing with wildlife.

When: Saturday 6th October at 7.30am (finishing at approx. 11am)
Where: Yarra Junction Library, Hoddle Street, Yarra Junction
Bookings appreciated phone 5967 1588

Cheers, Maryanne

Writers in Restaurants-Brunch with Sally Hammond

Sally Hammond wrote her first book at eleven, a fictional journey across Europe. She now lives the dream travelling the world with her photographer husband Gordon writing about her favourite subjects travel and food.

From the wonderful Australian Food Guide to the fabulous Pardon My French!, Sally books have attracted rave reviews. Join us for a delightful brunch.

When: Sunday 6th October 10.30am
Where: Marybrooke Receptions, 10 Sherbrooke Rd, Sherbrooke
Mel. Ref. 75 J2
Cost: $20.00

Bookings essential 92988457
Books available for sales and signing

Cheers, Maryanne

Monday, October 01, 2007

Changes to charges

As of today, 1st October the following changes to library charges apply:
  • overdue charges are 25c per item per day for adult and junior items (up to a total of $5 per junior item, $10 per adult item)
  • placing holds are free
Cheers, Maryanne

Friday, September 21, 2007

The Eastern Regional Library Show

Library staff member Lesley Conway runs a radio show each Wednesday 12:05pm-12:45pm on Eastern FM 98.1 called The Eastern Regional Library Show. Tune in next Wednesday for a great show.

On Wednesday's show

One of the challenges of researching family history is how to keep the mounting paperwork in order. Ann Dixon was with us today and made a some practical suggestions. You will want to create the classic 'family tree' genealogical record, and to do that it is worth considering some useful computer software. At you will be able to download free software which is as good as any commercial product, and will help you establish some order from the beginning. The another hint Ann made was that as you will still have a lot of paper records, start filing them in folders as soon as you get them. And finally, keep a separate page in your folders for each ancestor as you find them, and record the details of certificates that you have, or are tracking, of newspaper articles, obituaries etc. that you have located and other resources relating to that person, so that at a quick scan you can see what you have found.

Ann is one of the volounteers at AIGS (Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies) who run free workshops for 'Beginning family history research', so if you are interested, check their website at You can also begin your family history research at an ERL workshop, for which there is a charge, or come along to a Genie Exchange, which is a free open session for family researchers which runs in four of our main branch libraries. Check with the library staff for details on your next visit, or go to the Family History website.

---- Lesley

Gully gardeners

Meet at Ferntree Gully Library for a tour of Lees Harmony's permaculture garden.

When: Thursday 4th October 1:30pm
Where: Ferntree Gully Library, 1010 Burwood Hwy, Ferntree Gully Ph: 9294 8140

Cheers, Maryanne

Chess and board games at Yarra Junction

Do you love Chess, board and card games and want to test your skill against others? Yarra Junction library will be hosting chess and board games every Friday starting in October. They cater for all levels - beginners to advanced. Board games include Dominoes, Draughts, Scrabble, Rummy-O, Priominoes, Chinese Checkers, Cribbage. Card games include Poker, Twenty-one, Five Hundred Rummy, Bridge, Patience.

The library provides:
  • Friendly environment
  • Materials
  • Instructions
  • Refreshments
When: Every Friday starting Oct 3rd 2:30-4:30 pm
Where: Yarra Junction Library, Hoddle Street, Yarra Junction

Enquires and expressions of interest to Yarra Junction Library 59671588

Cheers, Maryanne

Ranges and Knox Mobile update

The Ranges Mobile is still off the road but is expected back Tuesday 25th September.

The Knox Mobile will be off the road today from 12noon. Nothing mechanical though. It will be back on the road Saturday morning at Bayswater.

Cheers, Maryanne

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Rowville Library wins award

Congratulations to Rose and the team at Rowville Library for winning the Knox Leader Business Achiever Award 2007 in the Professional and Community Services Category. A great achievement and very well-deserved!

The award was presented last night at a dinner attended by local business people and representatives from Knox Council. Leader readers nominate and vote for the businesses they feel provide great service....which clearly Rowville Library does! Well done everyone at Rowville.

---- Lorraine Seeger, Corporate Manager - Customer Services

Keys Please

Update: The Keys Please talk at Knox Library on the 1st October has unfortunately been cancelled.

Cheers, Maryanne

Friday @ your Library - Beaded Jewellery with Anna

This informative session will show you some basic beading techniques. There are beautiful finished products to view.

When: Friday 28th September 12noon
Where: Knox Library, 425 Burwood Highway, Wantirna South

Tea/coffee provided.
Bookings essential, phone 9801 1422

Cheers, Maryanne

Crime Night - Meet Vikki Petraitis

Well it's a busy day next Thursday, finishing up with an author visit from true crime author Vikki Petraitis.

Vikki has been writing true crime books since the early 1990's. Her works include The Frankston Murders, The Phillip Island Murder and Forensics - true stories from Australian police files. Vikki has also been a contributor to the television series Sensing Murder.

When: Thursday 27th September 7pm
Where: Ringwood Library, 4 Ringwood Street Mall, Ringwood

Bookings essential, phone 9870 0177. Free event

Books available for sale and signing.

Cheers, Maryanne

Literary Lunch - Meet Angela Crocombe

Angela Crocombe is the author of A Lighter Footprint, a book full of ideas for minimising our impact on the planet. Ideas that not only help save the planet but help save on household expenses.

Angela has lived in Singapore, America and the UK. She has degrees in economics, political theory and publishing. She has studied creative writing at RMIT and has worked in the publishing industry since 1995. She has published a number of educational titles for children and is the author of numerous magazine articles.

A Lighter Footprint was recently published by Scribe Publishing.

When: Thursday 27th September 12:30pm
Where: Belgrave Library, Reynolds Lane, Belgrave
Cost: $7.50 includes lunch

Bookings esssential, phone 9754 7266

Books available for sales and signing.

Cheers, Maryanne

Older but stronger

Lyn Peacock from Ranges Community Health will be visiting the library to talk about how older members of our community can keep fit.

Older but stronger is a over 60's program run by a fitness instructor for those not accustomed to exercising, or with:
  • Difficulty walking or balancing
  • Use a walking aid
  • Arthritis or Osteoporosis
  • Back or neck pain
  • Joint replacement
  • Shortness of breath

When: Thursday 27th September 11am
Where: Lilydale Library, Anderson Street, Lilydale

Bookings essential, phone 92943120. Free event.

Cheers, Maryanne

Spring-cleaning Book Sale

Come along for some great bargains. We're selling ex-library books as well as donations.

Wednesday 26th September from 10am
Where: Belgrave Library, Reynolds Lane, Belgrave
Ph: 9754 7266


Non-Fiction $2
Fiction hardback $1
Fiction paperback 50c
Magazines 50c
Children's books 50c
Some books have a specially marked price

Cheers, Maryanne

Another Mobile update

The Ranges Mobile is still off the road for today. Items may be returned to any of our branches. If you have your PIN you can renew online, otherwise phone staff at our branches.

Cheers, Maryanne

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Leader Business Achiever Awards

I think I may have missed this news when I had a few days off. Congratulations to Ringwood Library on being Finalists in the Leader Business Achiever Awards for 2007.

Last year Croydon Library was named Business of the Year. Fingers crossed for Ringwood.

What's your favourite library and why? Is it the staff, the atmosphere, the availability of Internet PCs that make your library special?

Cheers, Maryanne

Ranges Mobile update

Sorry it's taken a while to get to this but the Ranges Mobile is still off the road.

Cheers, Maryanne

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ranges Mobile off the road today

The Ranges Mobile is off the road today for mechanical maintenance. I'll keep everyone advised through the blog when it is back on the road.

In the meantime items may be returned or renewed through any of our branches.

Cheers, Maryanne

Website and phones are back

Well as you may have noticed the telecommunication problems have been fixed. You can now access the library website and phone Library Administration. We also now have access to our email so if you've been waiting for a reply you should get one soon. I'm just working my way through mine now.

Cheers, Maryanne

Monday, September 17, 2007

Access to the library website and administration

Since Friday there has been a problem with the telecommunication lines at the Knox exchange which handles telephone and network access to the Library administration.

What is affected

This has affected access to the library website. You are also unable to phone Library administration, please call your local branch at the following numbers:

Belgrave 97547266
Healesville 59624423
Lilydale 92943120
Montrose 97284224
Mooroolbark 97268200
Mt Evelyn 97363851
Yarra Junction 59671588 (Monday closed)
Boronia 97624099
Ferntree Gully 92948140
Knox 98011422
Rowville 92941300
Croydon 92945640
Ringwood 98700177

Generally Internet is not available at the moment at library branches.

What isn't affected

Library branches have access to the library system for borrowing, renewals etc. The Monitor photocopying system is offline at the moment, although photocopying can still be done.

You can access the catalogue directly instead of going through the website by using the following address:

Apologies for any inconvenience.

Cheers, Maryanne

Thursday, September 13, 2007

National Storywriting Competition closing

Well by now I hope you've penned your fantastic entry into the National Storywriting Competition. Don't miss out though because entries close Friday 14th September. Entries can be dropped off at any of our branches or mobiles or posted to Eastern Regional Libraries at 7B Eastgate Court, Wantirna South, 3152. If posted it needs to be postmarked on or before the 14th September.

View/Print Entry Form

Good luck!

Cheers, Maryanne

The Eastern Regional Library Show

Library staff member Lesley Conway runs a radio show each Wednesday 12:05pm-12:45pm on Eastern FM 98.1 called The Eastern Regional Library Show. Tune in next Wednesday for a great show.

On yesterday's show

If you were wanting to read some short stories, where would you look? You might know already that in our Fiction collection we have spine labels which alert you to Short Stories, and if you were searching the catalogue and entered 'short stories' as a subject search, you would end up with a list of 337 titles. But...this is not all. In the Non-fiction collection is a Literature section which runs between 800 and 899. It includes collections of short stories at 823, and at 808 and 813 a whole range of interesting short reads including anthologies, collections of letters, newspaper articles and musings ( writing that doesn't fit any hard and fast category, such as Michael Leunig's Wild Figments).

Some of the great reads that I found on the shelf at Lilydale include the delightful
The Works of Jane Austen : Volume VI Minor Works in which the sharp wit and humour are evident in the 15 year old girl as in the more mature writer. Two very different collections of autobiographical stories are Gladys Ward's memories of growing up on a German mission in Western Australia Unna you fullas, and David Sedaris' hilarious and quirky memories of his family and friends in Dress your family in corduroy and denim.

A book to appeal to our crime enthusiast Lyn Baines is The reason why : an anthology of the murderous mind edited by Ruth Rendell, including poetry, excerpts from plays and novels, and letters, which throw light on the character and motivation of the murderer. As Rendell puts it "Murder itself is not interesting. It is the impetus to murder , the passions and terrors which (inspire) compulsive fascination." I also found Stories by Elizabeth Jolley, which is a compilation of all her short stories, and The collected essays, journalism and letters of George Orwell, which includes some very interesting articles he wrote during the Second World War.

In short, there is plenty on the shelves for helping pass the time on a train trip, or for those times when you know you can only indulge in a 15 minute read. Last but not least are compilations of winning stories from the Eastern Regional Libraries National Story Writing Competition. There is some good reading there, and also, for writers of short stories some useful information from the judges about how they select the winners.
---- Lesley

Cheers, Maryanne

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Changes to library charges

As part of the annual review of library charges & standardisation of charges amongst libraries in the Swift Consortia the Library Board has approved the following changes.

Reservations will be free of charge. There will still be a search fee for some Interlibrary Loan materials - materials not available from all the free public libraries.

There will be one charge for overdue items - 25c per day per item (for both adult and junior material). The maximum amount on items will remain at $10 for adult items and $5 for junior items.

These changes will start from 1st October 2007.

Cheers, Maryanne

The Eastern Regional Library Show

Library staff member Lesley Conway runs a radio show each Wednesday 12:05pm-12:45pm on Eastern FM 98.1 called The Eastern Regional Library Show. Tune in next Wednesday for a great show.

On last week's show

Lyn Baines was with us again, very smart in fedora and trench coat, over a fetching Elizabethan doublet and hose. We began with a reprise of our last conversation in which we compared crime novelists who maintained interest in their characters over many years, with those who were not aging so gracefully. Today Lyn had three new novels by authors who's characters have stood the test of time. Elizabeth George brings us Inspector Linley in With no-one as witness, a suspenseful novel of murders which highlight institionalised racism. Lyn appreciates Elizabeth George's writing for keeping abreast of current issues and allowing her main characters to develop and grow over time. Another popular crime novelist, Ruth Rendell, has a new title out too. Not in the flesh with Inspectors Wexford and Burden, deals with murders and missing persons going back 10 years or more. The detective skills of Kingsmarkham Police Force are tested to the utmost. And thirdly, an author whose detective stories weren't well known until the tenth in the series won a prize. Inspector Banks is the hero of novels by Peter Robinson, set in the beautiful Dales region of England. In Friend of the devil, two very different and bizarre murders create an atmosphere of tension in which it is possible that two murderers may strike again.

As an antidote to these, a very 'cosy' murder mystery by Lis Howell, the first in a series to come, The flower arranger at All Saints. We are introduced to a typically picturesque English village with eccentric characters and a flower arranger done to death, in the church.

In complete contrast, two books dealing with Shakespeare coming from very different perspectives, and both highly readable. Germaine Greer in her inimitable way is challenging established perceptions of Anne Hathaway in Shakespeare's wife, and in Shakespeare by Bill Bryson, we have a very informative, amusing overview of Shakespeare's life and work, the controversies and contemporary culture.

Cheers, Maryanne

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Catalogue interruption

The library catalogue will be unavailable from 6pm Saturday 8th September - Sunday morning due to the relocation of servers at the hosted centre. We anticipate that the service will be available Sunday morning.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

Cheers, Maryanne

Living a sustainable life

We've got two talks next week on sustainable living.

The Basin/Boronia Sustainable Living Group & Boronia Library
Vivienne Benton will share her ideas and experiences in self sufficiency.

When: Friday 14th September 10am-12noon
Where: The Basin Community House, 1221 Mountain Hwy, The Basin.

Enquiries and Bookings: 9761 0209

Library Growers and Weeders
Author of the little things diary Andrew Cooper will talk about sustainable living. Bookings essential

When: Friday 14th September 2pm
Where: Mooroolbark Library, 7 Station Street, Mooroolbark
Bookings Essential Ph 9726 8200

Cheers, Maryanne

Knox Library giant booksale

Grab a bargain at Knox Library next week.

When: Thursday 13th September 10am
Where: Knox Library 425 Burwood Highway Wantirna South Ph: 9801 1422

Cheers, Maryanne

Reading Cafe - Meet John Harms

John Harms is a well known media personality whose first three books celebrated variously cricket, horse racing and football. John has written extensively for sports journals and newspapers and is a regular contributor to The Age. Familiar to viewers of the ABC Outsiders program with his entertaining in Harm's Way segment, John is a sought after public speaker. His latest book is The Pearl: Steve Renouf's Story.

When: Monday 10th September 12:30pm
Where: Lilydale Library, Anderson Street, Lilydale
Cost: $7.50 includes lunch
Bookings essential Ph: 9294 3120. Books available for sale and signing.

Cheers, Maryanne

Friday, August 31, 2007

Boys 'n' books

Join Glenn Manton for the launch of the great new program, Boys 'n' Books, which aims to increase reading awareness.

A 200 game player with the Carlton and Essendon football clubs, Glenn is a co-founder of the charity Whitelion providing mentoring opportunities for some of the most at risk youth in the community. A former teacher, he is now a broadcaster and author with a commitment to helping young people acquire the life skills they need to achieve success.

Find out how you can get your sons reading.

When: Tuesday 18th September 7pm
Where: Ringwood Library, 4 Melbourne Street Mall, Ringwood

Bookings phone 98700177

Cheers, Maryanne

Adult Learner's Week

Next week is Adult Learner's Week and it's a good time to venture out and see the wide range of courses in your local area.

Eastern Regional Libraries
Eastern Regional Libraries offers the following regular courses:

University of the Third Age
U3A are running the following session at Knox Library. Come along and spread your wings with U3A Knox - University of the Third Age. Brochures and information available.
Tea, coffee, biscuits provided

When: Friday 7th September 11am
Where: Knox Library 425 Burwood Highway Wantirna South Ph: 9801 1422

Other courses

Don't forget these great sources for courses:
To finish up, let's look at a wonderful site on the Internet where you can learn to do just about anything.

eHow (e.g. How to lay out a curving path or plant bed border)

So make an effort to learn at least one new thing next week, then send me a comment to tell me all about it.

Cheers, Maryanne

Gully gardeners

Join Susie for a talk on Companion planting and beneficial insects in the garden.

When: Thursday 6th September 1:30pm
Where: Coonara House, 22 Willow Road, Upper Ferntree Gully, 3156
Mel Ref: 74 D7

Bookings Ph: 92948140

Cheers, Maryanne

Investing for a Successful Retirement

Come along to a free investment education seminar with Michael Ferguson from SMIG Education that will provide an introduction to stock market investment and risk management.

Learn to:
  • plan your retirement
  • understand your superannuation
  • manage your risk
When: Thursday 6th September 6:30-8:30pm
Where: Rowville Library, Stud Park Shopping Centre, Stud Road, Rowville
Cost: Free event

Light meal will be provided
Bookings essential. Ph: 9294 1300

Cheers, Maryanne

SMIG Education is a registered training organisation (No 21728) providing nationally accredited education and training.

National Simultaneous Storytime

The National Simultaneous Storytime is on next week. Staff at libraries around Australia will read the same book at same time to participants in their storytime. This year's book is

The Magic Hat Written by Mem Fox

When: Thursday 6 September 2007 at 11am
Where: every branch of Eastern Regional Libraries

The simultaneous storytime aims to promote reading, Australian authors and storytimes in public libraries so come and join in the fun.

Cheers, Maryanne

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Review - A long way down by Nick Hornby

On a cold New Year's Eve in London, four very different people meet on the 15th floor of Toppers Tower, a notorious suicide location. You could not imagine a more diverse group - a middle aged TV presenter who has lost his family, job and self-respect; a single mother with a severely disabled teenage son; eighteen year old Jess who seems determined to self-destruct; and an American rock 'n roll musician whose band and girlfriend have deserted him. They decide to postpone the moment and go in search of Jess's no-good boyfriend, since this is all she wants to make her life worth persevering with. The gradual building of fragile trust and hope is fascinating, funny and moving.

---- reviewed by Lesley

I'm working on a few changes with the library website and one of the things I'd like to include are members book reviews. Just wondering, would you read a review blog/wiki and send in some reviews? Please send me a comment...cheers, Maryanne

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Two Eastern Regional Library shows in one day

Library staff member Lesley Conway runs a radio show each Wednesday 12:05pm-12:45pm on Eastern FM 98.1 called The Eastern Regional Library Show. Tune in next Wednesday for a great show.

We're a little tardy with last week's entry and super-prompt with this week's one so you get two for the price of one....hehe.

On last week's show

This week I was joined by Pia Butcher and Jill McCallum to give an overview of the books which were shortlisted, and those which won, in the Children's Book of the Year Awards. I have added a link to the web page for the Children's Book Council so that you can go and investigate for yourself.

Jill was a member of the panel which judged the Eve Pownell Award for Information Books and she brought along with her a book called Queenie : one elephant's story, which has special resonance for Melbournians. Queenie was a famous attraction at Melbourne Zoo during the 1930's and 40's, and her story has been passed on with the generations.

One of the remarkable qualities of books nominated for the Awards is that they often are a worthwhile read, whatever your age. Another pleasure is to read a book to the children in your life, and these books would all be a joy for both reader and listener. If you would like to browse through the shortlisted titles, most of our branches have displays at the moment, and copies can be reserved for junior borrowers (under 18 years) for free.
Children's Book Council.

--- Lesley

On today's show

Music to suit every taste is available from all our branches. I indulged in music from some of our recently arrived CD's today. From the album Now : Winter 2007 I played silverchair's Straight Lines, and then to something completely different, Andre Rieu's album Celebration! and the track Tea for two. The third track played was from Pat Benetar's album Greatest Hits, Heartbreaker.

It's easy to keep up with the latest arrivals in the library, all you need to do when you go to the Catalogue on our library website is check the bar above the Quick Search box for the New Titles link. There you have the option to look for new cds, dvds, fiction, non-fiction for both junior and adult collections, and new large-type books.

Another option is to nominate subjects/authors you are interested in, so you can be alerted via email to new arrivals. To do this you need to login to the Catalogue, and when you have the details of a specific item on screen, you will see an option on the screen to either Tell me when new materials by this author are available or Tell me when new materials on these topics are available. The other way to do this is to go via the My Account link on the Catalogue page where you can nominate authors and subjects under the My Profile button.

---- Lesley

I will be activating the Profiles feature soon so you should start receiving emails once this is done. I'll advise everyone through the blog once this is activated.

Cheers, Maryanne

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Local to Local - Secrets your Doctor can't tell you

Can we live medicine free? Why are so many people ill with chronic disease? Join Dr. Nicole Moore from Optimal Wellness for an informative talk on your health. Bookings Essential

When: Tuesday 4th September 6:30pm
Where: Mooroolbark Library, 7 Station Street, Mooroolbark Ph: 9726 8200
A free event

Cheers, Maryanne

Friday @ Your Library - Scrapbooking with Andrea Byles

Come along to this free seminar and learn how to best display those priceless memories from photographs to memorabilia.

When: Friday 31st August 12noon
Where: Knox Library, 425 Burwood Highway, Wantirna South
Bookings essential Ph: 9801 1422
Tea / coffee provided

Cheers, Maryanne

Lunch at Your Library - Tim Richards

Tim Richards is a freelance writer and journalist whose work has appeared in newspapers and magazines across the world. He is a frequent contributor to The Age and has been retained by corporate clients such as Telstra and World Vision. Widely travelled and an accomplished photojournalist, he is a writer for Lonely Planet including the recently published Lonely Planet Guide to Eastern Europe.

When: Thursday 30th August 12:30pm
Where: Belgrave Library, Reynolds Lane, Belgrave
Ph: 9754 7266
Cost: $7.50 includes lunch

Cheers, Maryanne